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As soon as I start to imagine that they've come up with everything, they invent something new. The Kansas City custom T-shirt printing industry is changing so rapidly that what was considered to be state-of-the-art six months ago, is now starting to be phased out for new and better screen printing techniques and software. It's fantastic to be an entrepreneur in the year 2015. Today's technology lends itself to advantages such as never before in the history of mankind. It enables me to be able to run my custom embroidery company from anywhere in the world as long as I have access to a cell phone or an internet signal. No longer am I restricted to a physical office, as I can be on the golf course or on a beach and as long as I have my smart phone, I won't miss a beat.

We have 10 different websites catering to multiple cities simultaneously and we are able to expand our clientele base to places that we could never go before. I can remember back to when I was a boy and going to work with my dad who owned a pharmacy. He was located in a doctors building and relied on the same physicians to send him down patients after their office visit in order to get their prescriptions filled. We did get a small amount of walk in customers, but the referrals from that medical building where the lion's share of his overall customer base. I can remember the day he went out and acquired an extra-long telephone cord that was approximately 12 feet in length which allowed him the freedom to walk around a 12 foot radius and enable him to stand directly behind his counter. I thought to myself, this is fantastic, what a sense of freedom.

My goodness how the world has changed and turned into a smaller place. What was considered to be impossible 30 years ago has rapidly become the norm. Information is streamed across the Internet at the speed of light. You don't even have to run down to the bank anymore to deposit a check as you can simply take a picture of it and it is recorded at your local bank. Instead of having to physically get in your car and go seek out a Kansas City screen printing company, you can simply get on your laptop from your kitchen table and do a relevant search for anything that you may need such as Kansas City digital printing or anything else that you may be interested in, and within seconds you have 10 to 15 different choices to pick from.

These life-changing tools have not only changed the way we acquire our new customers, but have also strongly impacted the way we process the orders. We have access to the finest equipment available which includes not only embroidery machines that can lend themselves to over 400 stitches a minute, but state-of-the-art digital T-shirt printing which can take the most complicated pieces of artwork and completely eliminate the need for color separations and all the traditional set up, as well as cleanup that traditional screen printing used to require. Sometimes I stop and wonder, what kind of tools will be available 10 years from now? I remember being a kid sitting in front of my black and white television, which by the way only got five different channels and watching science fiction shows, thinking to myself, wouldn't it be awesome to be able to have access to this type of technology? Well, that actually pales in comparison to what is available in today's world.