Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Is it a big deal if I wanted to receive a bid on some screen printing for my t-shirt project in the Kansas City area coming up?

No big deal at all. That is what we are here for. We can approach this several different ways. The first option is you can give us a ring and talk to one of our experienced screen printing staff. Or if you would prefer, you can also do it directly from our web site. Just click on our free quote request button and then fill in the necessary information required in order for us to supply you an accurate bid. After that, you should have that t-shirt quote within 24 hours of being submitted.

  • Who is our normal every day clientele?

Quite often it is customers in the Kansas City and KC Mo.area. We provide a lot more then just t-shirts, but we sell more tshirts then any thing else. A typical quote request is for a Kansas City clientele who would ask us for a bid on custom screen printing on tee shirts or embroidery on their golf shirts. We also provide embroidery on caps,and sweat shirts, that might vary from a small run of one or two dozen to a couple of hundred. It's all over the board. We don't really limit our selves to just one way of doing things. Our normal customer base is so very different from one and other, and so very diverse. We take a great deal of pride in our ability to be flexible. We always try to be faithful in doing the little things. Therefore we treat the small t-shirt orders with the same respect and attention to detail as the huge tshirt orders. We totally understand that the same person who only needs a small run of 12 to 24 embroidered shirts is much of time on a very limited budget. Their small run of tee shirts is just as important to him or her as a very large corporation's tee shirt order is to them. We try very hard to give these type of jobs the same respect and attention to detail because we understand that it's all relative. I realize that being very sensitive to this along with our approach of giving all of our customers a great finished product on time for a great price what sets us apart from the other custom screen printing and custom embroidery companies in Kansas City or KC Mo. metro area.

We understand that there are many choices to pick from when it comes to which company you want to work with. You ask yourself, " How do I know that this particular one is going to be my best choice?". Well lets start with our reputation. We have well over fifteen years of screen printing and embroidery experience behind us. Lets look at it this way. You are probably not going to be around for that long if you don't know what you are doing! We use the most advanced T-shirt screen printing methods as well as using what is considered to be the industry's most advanced and best equipment. This allows us to not only print the easy one and two color jobs but also allows us to cater to the most difficult ones as well. Quite a few of these t-shirt logos are are very complicated pieces of art. We sure take a lot of pride in being able to cater to a lot of the jobs that many other Kansas City screen printing companies just cannot do. Our work ranges from the very complicated 50 different color logos to the simple 1 color screen printing image. There's a whole lot of factors that we take into consideration when we put a quote together.

We would be more than happy to supply you with a free no obligation quote regarding your quote request and any other type of garment needs. Our web site is very easy to navigate. Our online catalog has thousands of different types of apparel to choose from. Just send an email to us with your logo and let us know how many pieces you need along with what type of garment you would like to put it on. Tell us if you prefer screen printing to embroidery. And we will get you your free no obligation bid within 24 hours. Its just that easy.

  • Am I buying a digitized tape, and if so do I own it once the embroidery job is done?

We are charging you to create the software that tells the computer how to sew garments. Then once the job is done, we store the file and pull it out again to reuse on a future order with no additional fee. If you feel at any time you would like to have a copy of the digitized logo we will be more than glad to let you have it. This ends up also being much easier on the environment, in comparison to just throwing it away in the trash after we are finished with it. It helps to keep used computer disks from filling up landfills. The reorders are much simpler this way also since we don't have to recreate the image.

  • When you submit your quote does your bid normally also include the t-shirt?

Yes it certainly does. The bid that is submitted to you also includes the garment. We can get the blank goods wholesale as we purchase thousands of them. This will probably result in us providing it for you for equal or less than you are able to purchase them on your own. If there happens to be a misprint or if there is a hole punched in the garment during the embroidery process,we can get a new one affordably and easily. If you supplied the garment, then we often can't get them wholesale or sometimes we can't find them at all.

However, if you would still would want to go out and get your own tee shirts, then we can put together a special bid together that would be just for the embroidery or screen printing image.

  • I don't have any artistic talent. Would your company be able to help me with my art work?

Normally, our customers have their artwork ready to go. It does however, sometimes needs to be cleaned up or color separated for screen printing. If you do end up needing some additional help with your art, then we can be of some assistance. A completed t-shirt is never going to be better than the art that it started from. So good clean art is vital to this process.

  • I procrastinated on ordering these tee shirts till the last day before I needed them in Kansas City for a convention. Can I still get them in time?

We will sure try to help if we can. We offer a three or four day rush service for the KC MO area. Normally an extra rush charge will apply when you are given your bid.

  • How long does a screen print last?

There are a lot of contributing factors that will go into figuring out how long your images will hold up. For example, How often is it washed? Are you using bleach in your detergent? How often do you wear it? Etc., etc.

The most significant part of trying to getting the most life out of screen printing on tee shirts is getting a good cure on the ink when it is dried. Sometimes you can be walking a very fine line between scorching the image and curing it. Most plasticity inks will cure at 320 degrees Fahrenheit.

Embroidery on the other hand almost always outlasts the shirt itself.

  • Can I see some samples of your work?

Of course you can. We will be more than glad to show you jobs that we have printed for other customers. We would also be more than happy to provide you with a finished embroidery proof before we start producing.

So please call my staff or I, if you have any questions are concerns and you will be able to speak to a real person because we actually answer our phones. If we are on the phone with another customer, just leave us a message and we will call you back as soon as we can.

Thank you for the opportunity to potentially work with you!