TShirts on Steroids Testimonials

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"Finally a screen printing company that finally understands the needs of KC Mo. business owner! They didn't just end up delivering me a superior finished product, but they also provided me with a very quick turn around and more then competitive price on my tshirt project. They recognized my limited resources of my club and were more then able to work with us with in our limitations. Sunburst Logo provided us with the awesome service and attention to detail that I thought was just a thing of the past. I cant say enough about there attention to detail as well as their willingness to go the extra mile to make sure that we received our tee shirt order on time."

"We are is one of the Best kept Secret in Kansas City when it come to custom screen printing and embroidery. They were also very flexible when it came down to putting together our quote. They did it All! From designing my logo, to delivering my custom tshirt order. I would recommend them to anyone who is in need of t-shirts and who values excellence."

"I was more then just a little bit impressed with how simple they made the entire process. I just went on there site and then I picked out what t-shirt style I preferred, Clicked free quote request and filled in the questions. I had my quote with in an hour. They not only gave me a great price on my screen printing but a great looking t-shirt. I never realized that getting a t-shirt bid or placing a screen printing order could be any simpler. T-shirt On Steroid has really streamlined the process. I will definitely continue use them again next year."

"We have been looking to acquire a huge order of screen printing on a custom T-shirt I was a bit concerned. I sure didn't want to call just any screen printing company. I wanted to make sure that I have the peace of mind as well as and assurance that the tee shirts were not only going to look good, but that they were going to be done in time for our convention in Joplin Mo. Well as things turned out, I should not have been worried at all. They did a great job. My tee shirt order not only looked awesome but I got them 2 days earlier then they told me that I would. The entire process couldn't have been any better, and I cannot stop talking about the virtues of this incredible staff. Their service was great. If you are looking for dependability, This the company for you."

"I am a writer, I need to promote my books, but finding a source for custom screen printing on T-shirts was not easy, to say the least. A friend of mine recommended them. I was a bit skeptical at first, but the superior service, quality and value of their products was so strong, well, let's just say, I shouldn't have been at all concerned. They how ever, worked with me through every step of production and pricing, and everywhere I go, people ask me where I got my T-shirts. Do I tell them? You bet I do!"

"I am a story writer, I am trying to think of a way to promote my book in the Kansas City area, that would not only make a big impression but also help me to be remembered by the select group of people whom I am trying to publish my book,I thought a t-shirt would be a terrific marketing tool. My greatest challenge was trying to find a screen printing company that could not only cater to my small number of shirts that I needed but also find a screen printing company that was capable of dealing with such a complicated and colorful image. One of my friends recommended these guys. I was a bit skeptical at first when I called them and they said sure, no problem, but the quality and value of their product turned out to be amazing. They were extremely pleasant to deal with as well. In reflecting back I shouldn't have been concerned about a any thing. They worked with me at every step of way."

"I am a small business owner in the KC Mo. area. I was looking to get a whole lot of bang for my buck, as that was is a big deal to me. I have a very limited budget to work with, but at the same time I don't wont to sacrifice quality. When I called Sunburst Logo they not only took the time to listen to what I needed but they also recommended that I get 3 other bids from competitive screen printing and embroidery company's and go with the best over all value. I have never ever had a company tell me that before. I wouldn't go anywhere else!"

"I am a fundraiser for a non for profit charity that serves the Kansas City MO. area. I don't have to tell you that times are tough! My challenge of trying to find companies who are actually in a position to donate their time and money are very trying to say the least.Companies that are actually willing to helpful as a Sponsors is all most non existent or at least that is what I thought. until I found these guys. They said they believe in investing back in to KC. MO. area through helping KC businesses and organizations with their image. They said, help out with a partial Sponsorship? Sure No problem! We would love to try and bring some thing to the table. They support this conviction with their custom screen printed and embroidery on Tshirts, hats, sweats. It ended up working out well for each of us."

"I manage a very large company. The idea of obtaining some custom screen printing on tee shirts for our staff seemed like a very good idea. They gave me the Quality, and attention to detail, that I was hoping to find. Our order was delivered to us three days sooner then they originally told us that it would."

"We had never attempted to ordered screen printing before and we really had know idea where to even start. We started by calling T-shirt On Steroids and that proved to be a great place to start. They helped educate us on a lot of different options and helped us to figure out which way was going to be best for our limited budget that we were working with. They never tried to up sell us or sell us on anything more then what we had asked them for."

"I have been in business a long time. I cant ever remember dealing with company that was any nicer, I have never met another t-shirt company like this one before. They not only gave me a bid on my tee shirts but they recommended that we compare their quote to at least 3 others in order for us to realize that they were giving us the very best value for our money. Well as it turned out, I took them up on that suggestion and they did turn out to be the best value for our money. We will not only use them again, but we refer them to my friends who also own their own business."

"If you are a Kansas City organization you owe it to yourself and your club to check these guys out!"