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Would you like to gain an edge for promoting your next book? Are you still looking for a company who understands custom screen printing in the Kansas City region? Maybe you're searching for a T-shirts supplier for a writers convention? We're a T-shirt screen printing and embroidery company that is going to be your best option for all of your Kansas City book signings. We also can print your book cover on a tee shirt at a really competitive price that you can live with as well as appreciate.

We are a screen printing and embroidery company that caters to the T-shirt requirements in Kansas City. Successful business owners understand that attempting to compete in an challenging economic environment like this one, it's important to acquire every advantage that you can, when you can. That often means coming up with new and fresh marketing techniques.

Our custom screen printing and embroidery products promote your logo with excellence, defines your image, and more than anything else, will set you apart from your competition. We understand that the art of listening to the customer is so important in any advertising and marketing campaign. When you put your trust in my company to provide your screen printing and embroidery needs, we will do our best in order to properly convey your unique message. You can take comfort in knowing that you have made a very good choice. Here are some reasons why.

We have learned the art of being flexible. We don't just have one way of doing things. We understand that every t-shirt screen printing order is unique unto itself. We also understand that a small T-shirt order is just as important to the success of a small company or organization as a large one. Pride, as well as paying close attention to every little detail are very important. It doesn't matter how much money you are spending. We pride ourselves in providing great service. This is what sets us apart from the rest of the screen printing pack, as well as the many years of experience of our embroidery and screen printing staff. Normal protocol for us is to provide you with a sample of your completed logo before we start applying it on your tee shirts. This helps to insure customer satisfaction. We know that when you start to open the box of t-shirts, that this is not the time to ask you how do you like them. By that time it is already completed. You do not need any surprises. We highly recommend that you compare our quote with at least three other t-shirt screen printing companies in the Kansas City area in order to fully appreciate our overall value. This will then allow for us to modify our quote to your limited resources. Many times we like to get involved as a partial sponsor. We try to put together a price that will accommodate most any limited budget. We really enjoy working with fraternities and sororities! Do yourself and your fellow writers a huge service. If you like the work we did for a you, give us a good referral. They will be happy that you did. To prove it, we will also give them up to a 5% discount on their initial order of custom tee shirts, uniforms, or golf shirts.