TShirts on Steroids Testimonials

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"We have finally discovered a Kansas City screen printing company that understands what we are trying to accomplish as well as our limited budget. We received our order on time and the tee shirts looked amazing. The entire process took less than two weeks from start to finish. This company realized that we were working with a very limited budget and put together a plan of action that enabled us to get the very most out of every dollar we spent. This screen printing company was out to provide us with the attentive service and attention to every detail that I thought was just a thing of the past. I can't say enough concerning their willingness to go the extra mile in order to make sure that we received our order on time. "They were also very flexible when it came down to putting together our quote. They provided the one-stop service that we were looking for ranging from designing my logo, to delivering my order directly to my door. I would recommend them to anyone who is in need of t-shirts and who values customer service."

"What really made a huge impression on me was how they simplified the entire ordering process. I simply clicked onto their site and then I went to their online catalog. After being able to view what seemed like 100 different possibilities, I was able to narrow it down to a couple specific types of T-shirts. I particularly enjoyed the way the different shirts would change colors when I would click on the different color choices below. After finally submitting the quote request, I had my pricing within a couple of hours. They told me that it was their objective to come up with a pricing that was going to be equally conducive for each of us - one where they were going to be as happy providing me with my order as I would be placing it with them. Mike (the owner) mentioned that he gets the bulk of his orders from repeat customers, so he would take the extra time and attention to detail on this initial order. In this way, the repeat orders would take care of themselves. I never realized that getting a t-shirt bid or placing a screen printing order could be any simpler. They truly have streamlined the entire process where it is fast, easy, and efficient."

"We wanted to place what we considered to be a sizable order of custom t-shirts. I was faithful to do my due diligence while shopping for the best overall value that we could obtain. I sure didn't want to call just any custom embroidery company. Price isn't the only thing that's important. I wanted to make sure that I would have the peace of mind regarding having the assurance that the tee shirts were not only going to look great, but that they were going to here on time for our convention. Well as things turned out, I should not have been worried. My order not only looked great, I got them three days earlier then they told me that I would. The entire process couldn't have gone more efficiently."

"I had just completed my first novel and was looking to put the front cover on some T-shirts in order to promote my new book, but finding a source for custom screen printing on T-shirts was not easy, to say the least. My design was extremely complicated and I definitely had my doubts concerning whether or not this company was going to be able to replicate my image accurately? Let's just say, I shouldn't have been at all concerned. They ended up using a digital inkjet method which held perfect detail and maintained amazing registration."

"I am an author trying to think of an innovative advertising vehicle in which I could give out at my upcoming convention. I didn't want to just give a low-end piece of junk that someone would put into a bag and never use. I thought that a T-shirt would be a great way to stay in front of my potential publisher and be remembered long after the convention was over. I thought a t-shirt would be a terrific marketing tool. My largest concern was trying to find a screen printing company that could not only cater to my limited number, but also find someone who was capable of dealing with such a complicated and colorful logo. I was more than just a bit skeptical at first. As it turns out, I should not have worried. The finished replication of their product turned out to be amazing. They were extremely pleasant to deal with as well. In reflecting back ,I shouldn't have been concerned about anything. The entire process could not have gone any easier"

"I run a small business in Kansas City Mo. with very limited advertising resources to work with. Getting the very most out of every dollar spent is very important to me. At the same time I don't want to sacrifice quality. I realize that cheaper is not always better. This company made me realize that there was a lot more to getting the very best overall value than just the bottom line price. There is a lot to be said for superior service and peace of mind. My order was processed on time looking great for a great price."

"I was looking for a lot of bang for my buck. I have a very limited budget to work with, but at the same time I don't wont to sacrifice quality. After speaking with Mike (the owner), he recommended that I go and call three other silk screen companies besides his own. He asked me, "How would I know that I was getting the very best deal I could unless I had something to compare it to?". I never had a sales person ever tell me that so I thought I would take him up on his advice. As it turned out, they were the very best overall value. Now that's demonstrating a great deal of confidence!"

"I work for a not-for-profit organization. I don't have to tell you that times are more than challenging! I was hoping to locate a tee shirt company who was actually willing to help out as a sponsor. After speaking to Mike, he mentioned that his company believes in investing back into the community. He suggested that we get together in order that we can clearly communicate each other's objectives. After sitting at the table for two hours, he came up with a plan of action that was equally complimentary for each of us. He made me aware that there was great potential in a collective effort and by working together in the right manner could take both his company as well as my organization where we could not go on our own. They acted as a partial sponsor on our T-shirts and we let them put their name on the backs. It was a huge success for each of us"

"I manage a large company and the idea of getting some custom screen printing on T-shirts for our staff seemed like a good idea. Sunburst Logo gave me the quality, value, and attention to detail that I was hoping to find. Our order was delivered to us two days earlier than they originally said it would."

"We had never ordered embroidery before and we really didn't have any idea where to even start looking. The company staff helped educate us on a lot of different options and helped us to figure out which way was going to be best for our limited budget resources. They never tried to up sell us or sell us on anything more than what we actually needed."

"I have been in charge of ordering our company T-shirts for many years now. I cant ever remember dealing with a company that was any more gracious than this one. They not only gave me a quote on my screen printing but they recommended that we compare their quote to other competitors in order that I realize that they were giving us the very best deal for our money. Well as it turned out, I took them up on that suggestion and they did turn out to be the best overall value. If you live in Kansas City Mo. and are in need of custom embroidery then this company Would be an excellent choice."