Custom T-Shirt Printing

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When trying to make a determination on which Kansas City T-shirt printing company is going to give you the best overall value for your money, there is a lot to consider. Most people start out by going to a major search engine and typing in what they think is going to be a relevant search term like digital T-shirt printing or Kansas City screen printing company. This will bring you to a landing page with about 10 to 15 different choices to choose from. We will give each of these results the benefit of the doubt that they all have an excellent website, otherwise they wouldn't be on the first page. That being said, given today's technology, just about anybody who has a good website can take on the appearance of anything they want you to think they are and that in no way means they are competent let alone trustworthy. Here is a suggestion that you might want to take into consideration before making your choice. If they happen to list their phone number, give them a call. Do they actually pick up the phone or were you directed to a voice mail and forced to leave a message? If you weren't actually able to talk with a human being then that is a big red flag right from the start. If they didn't take your call when they thought that you might be a potential customer, what makes you think they're going to be accessible in the event that there is a problem? We realize that nobody is perfect and anyone can make a mistake but the main difference between one Kansas City screen printing company and another is simply the way they handle it. The first step in fixing a problem is being made aware of the fact that something is wrong. If you are forced to leave a message on a Friday afternoon then it is quite likely that no one would even retrieve that voice mail until the following Monday. At that point, over 48 hours have been wasted and the window of time for making the problem right might have been closed.

So many T-shirt and digital printing companies in our industry have tried to take the human element out of the equation. They have even gone the way of automatic bidding tools which calculate how much the orders are going to cost. We believe that that is a big mistake. We want to know as much as possible about you and what your needing, as well as what type of event your needing them for. This will help us to try and work within your budget limitations as well as offset any other challenges such as time sensitivity.

Another huge advantage to audible communication is once we know what type of apparel you are looking for, we can offer direction by giving you several choices of comparable product. Purchasing T-shirts can be like buying an automobile. Each and every car is going to have four wheels and be able to take you down the street, but some cars are going to be a lot more expensive than others. None of them are right or wrong. It's just relative to what type of money you are looking to spend along with what type of options, as well as a brand recognition you are looking for.

Another thing to take into consideration is how well-equipped are they. Today's graphic programs are giving the customer more creative capabilities than ever before when it comes to artwork. That means a lot of the artwork we receive is more complicated than it ever was. We have access to the most advanced equipment that our industry has to offer. It's capable of replicating the most complex artwork onto cotton and polyester blend material. So remember us when shopping for Kansas City digital T-shirt printing, custom embroidery and custom screen printing.