Heat Press for Printing Tees

December 2, 2015

If you happen to be looking for Kansas City T-shirt printing at its finest, then you have come to the right place. We set the standard when it comes to the production of custom screen printing and digital T-shirt printing throughout the Midwest. Over the years we have seen our industry turned upside down with the advances in production equipment. What was impossible, as well as impractical, less than 10 years ago is completely doable now. People normally find us by doing a search such as Kansas City screen printing company or custom embroidery and we pop up normally on the landing page.

We have access to the very finest state of the art equipment that our industry has to offer. One particular piece of hardware that you find in most shops is the heat press. This is normally used for applying names and numbers to baseball jerseys. Although some of them are now digital, they still pretty much work the same way through heat and pressure. Although these machines are pretty simple as well as reliable, they still require a minimal amount of maintenance and should be checked out from time to time to keep them operating at their optimal level. There is a rubber pad at the bottom of the lower platen that after a certain amount of time can tend to wear out. A few different things can happen to it such as it can develop divots and also can become spongy or even develop hot spots. Make sure that your pad is well secured and not lose. If any of these things become apparent, you can normally contact the manufacturer and purchase a new one for a reasonable price. They are very easy to install and well worth the effort. If the integrity of the pad happens to be compromised, it will not be able to have adequate or even pressure during the application. The next thing you should check out is the electrical connections. Make sure that none of the wires are cracked or broken. You might even want to check out the electrical plug to make sure it has a ground prong. Nowadays most electrical codes in most states require that the machine should be grounded. The next thing you should check out is the heating element as it can develop cold spots. You can measure the temperature of the element by acquiring temperature tabs. Place these tabs on all four corners as well as the middle of the heat plate. As these tabs heat up, they will start to turn a dark color. Make sure that all of them are the same exact color as this will indicate that the temperature is going to be consistent throughout the entire plate. If the temperature doesn’t get hot enough, then the application is going to be compromised and you’re not going to get a good finished product. Another method of testing how hot your unit is getting is by using a tool called an infrared thermometer. These usually have a digital readout and are easy and inexpensive to acquire. They also can come in handy later on down the line if you happen to want to see how cold your wine is before you open it.