Owning A Screen Printing and Embroidery Company

November 23, 2015

We do the overwhelming amount of our business two ways. The first way is repeat orders. The same guy that orders short sleeved apparel this month will usually call us back three or four months down the road when the season changes and he will be looking for long sleeved dress shirts or jackets, and maybe even custom embroidery on hats. The other way we get our work is by good referrals. There are a lot of Kansas City screen printing companies that won’t take on an order when the quantity is small. I can certainly understand that because there’s obviously a very limited amount of money that can be made on catering to just 12 items. That being said, just because this guy doesn’t need a lot of product doesn’t mean he doesn’t know people. He might have a friend or even a family member who was in a band and might be in need of T-shirt printing in a much higher volume. You never know where it’s going to lead so we cater to every job with the exact same protocol and give it the same respect regardless if it’s just twelve items or whether it’s 500 pieces.

We are a Kansas City embroidery company that has been catering to the digital T-shirt printing requirements of our great city for many years. We believe that we have the right approach as well as solutions in order to offset the challenges you might be facing, like a limited budget or a very short turnaround time. We are a big believer in communicating especially during the production process. We encourage our potential customer to give us a call if they have any questions or concerns and we will do the same. This lends itself to having the order process in a timely manner and helps to ensure that you’re going to be well pleased with the service that we provide for you long before you ever go to open up a box of completed apparel. Experience has taught us that this is not a good time to ask you if you like the product or not. At that point, it’s completed and nothing more can be done. We will provide you with a completed sew out as long as your delivery time will allow for it. We also prefer to provide a virtual example of the logo. In this way, if something needs to be edited, it is no big deal. The only problem with a virtual example is that every computer monitor is calibrated different from another and therefore it is not a 100% accurate representation of color. Depending on the lighting and camera that you used as well as if you’re viewing it on a cell phone or a high-end monitor, it is going to appear differently.

There is no substitute for an actual swatch that you can hold in your hand and view. T-shirts are the same way. everything looks good on the website but that doesn’t really represent the quality or the way it fits. We encourage you to use a local Kansas City embroidery company like ourselves in order to keep the money right here in town and it will also help the job to run quicker and more efficiently than an out-of-town company.